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Prince George’s Community Presbyterian Church

Health Ministry

The Health Ministry was envisioned by Dr. Vernon C. Smith as a Church Service dedicated to providing Information, Education, Health Services, and a resource for other ministries.  The Health Ministry is dedicated to serving the Prince George’s Community Church as well as neighboring communities.  Members of Prince George’s Community Church who have knowledge or expertise in any health-related field are encouraged to participate in the Health Ministry.

The Health Ministry presently is in its infancy.  The future development of the Ministry will consist of three (3) divisions: (1) Speaker’s Forum, (2) Preventive Health and a (3) Health Aid Unit. The Speaker’s Forum serves as a vehicle for providing Health Topics for the Congregation and a Speaker/Information resource for other Ministries.  The Preventive Health division will provide Health Fairs, Health News Letter/Bulletin and Health Surveys of Congregation’s interests. The Health Unit will consist of a Church First Aid Station staffed with Care Givers and also a training unit for First Aid and CPR training. 

Presently the Health Ministry Forum is operational.  Monthly topics (Requested by Congregation) are scheduled on Fourth (4th) Sunday, immediately following Sunday Service.  Speakers are invited from the church membership and community.  Advanced notice of topic (s) and date/time will be listed in the church bulletin and on the Website.

Our body is our temple. The more we understand our body and our environment, the greater is our appreciation for God’s wonderful and awesome creation and Jesus Christ’s everlasting teachings. “For Friends who Care, Mark 2:1-12”; “The God of All Comfort, 2Corinthians 1:1-11” “Equality in Giving, 2 Corinthian 8:1-15” “Using Your Gifts, Romans 12:1-8; Physical Life, Daniel 1:1-21” “The Power of Healing, Luke 8:41-50”.

Next Health Forum

Women’s Health Presentation
“Healthy Living”
Sunday, October 15, 2006
immediately following service

If you would like more information about PGCC Health Ministry please contact:
Dr. Vernon C. Smith.

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